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Geldings For Sale

RAF LBF LAREDO, 1999 Chestnut gelding. Laredo's pedigree is a who's who of the Cross Ranch breeding program. His father H-Windwalker , is herd sire at the Cross Ranch and a using horse. His dam H-Scarlet is 100% Cross Ranch  breeding. Laredo should mature to 14.3. Where he lacks in size he will make up in brains and strength. Will be a great trail or working cow horse. $1800.

Inquiries to: Little Brook Farm Polly Smith

Kansas Bluestem Woody
(WAR Justin X Sweets Tonga)
Woody is priced at $4,000. This is a bargain for this one because believe me  his honesty and heart are a rarity!!! He will get you their safely, on time, and in one piece. That's worth a LOT in my books!! 

Woody is broke to both ride and drive.

Woody is 5 years old, is bay and stands 151/2, this line grows until they are 6 so we expect him to mature 15.1. He is of old foundation morgan lines and has lots of substance, bone,
and a nice large rear end so he can really push and cover ground at the trot. Woody has good feet, and is sound. He has no bad habits and will stand tied for hours at a time with no fussing, he hobbles and you can wrap ropes around his legs and he will not panic. He is not herd bound so riding alone and away from the other horses is NOT a problem. Woody is very bold and seldom shies if ever. He was raised with a herd in the Kansas Bluestem pastures. He must go through water and cross gullies  daily, so water is not a problem with this one. He is from a working foundation line of Morgans. His full siblings have been used as both family and ranch horses. Full siblings have also been used for team penning events, western and english events, polocrosse, pony club, 4-H, trail and all have competed and excelled in the sport of driving. This line has a ground covering walk and trot so Competitive Trail Rides and combines Driving Event times are not a  problem. Woody will make an excellent Ladies mount for he is 100% honest, easy,  willing and will not cause any problems. Woody is both quiet and classy. 
WAR India Flame Star
 Age 3, 14.3, black white star. India has excellent bone and feet. He has a wonderful disposition and ground manners. India will stand tied quietly 
without fussing for many hours at time. He green broke, hobbles, lounges, line drives, and is currently being taught to drive. India is a very handy horse and will make someone a nice western, trail, english (Jumper) or driving horse. He is very athletic and loves to jump. He is not herd bound so riding away from the herd and alone will never be a problem. India will also travel through any type of terrain. India has spent his 3 years in pasture with a herd. These Flinthill pastures have taught this young colt to be sure footed for India must cross gullies, water and natural obstacles daily. Water on the trail or in CDE hazards will not be a problem with this 
colt. This colt will only get better with age and will make someone a fine and dependable mount. Price $2,250.

WAR India Flame Star- Pictured hobbled in the front with back leg also tied and rope wrapped around him.  This rope system is done with all our horses so they learn patience and so they will not panic with ropes etc..

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