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T Bar K  Land and Cattle Co.
is a member of the 
Western Morgan Horse Breeders Association

    The Morgans of T Bar K are born and raised in the high country of Idaho and Montana, this makes for a very agile, sure-footed animal that knows how to handle themselves in tough situations.  Being raised under these conditions is very healthy physically and mentally.  Because of our interests (big game hunting, back country fishing, horse camping) it is imperative that our horses are adapt to this type of environment. 

     These same bloodlines are also descendants of  the Morgans used on some of the biggest cattle ranches in California, Nevada and Texas in development of the rang elands out west.  The T Bar K Morgans have lots of cow savvy and have been used extensively in the cattle business before selling out.  Although these bloodlines are still being bred and used as ranch horses by many they are also sought after by Sporthorse enthusiasts.  These horses are known for their good minds, substance and stamina.

    It is a goal to preserve these bloodlines for future generations and at the same time  bring these horses back to the stock horse arena.  In their day many of these Morgans were top cutting horses...up against all breeds.  Over the years with the decline of the large ranches and more mechanized use, the Morgan has been bred for the show ring.  Many of these old bloodlines have been lost forever.  I feel it is the responsibility of breeders like myself to keep what we have and breed true to the bloodlines.  The T Bar K is currently in the process of adding to the existing breeding program and is excited about the foals to be born yet this spring and the future offspring to come. 

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