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Treasure Morgans
is a member of the 
Western Morgan Horse Breeders Association

We combine the bloodlines of Californio 18071 (Tio Lalo x Sissy) with the get of Sissy 010646 (Ro Mac x Berta Sonfield) , Primavera Regalo 27500 ( Juan Bravo- Californio x Belle Meade- Townsend Gaymeade ) , Treasure Incantation 073031 ( Shazam x Tia Isabella), and Rocking M Vaquero 98267 ( Gay Vaquero x Whippoorwill Carol). This program concentrates primarily the lines of Gay Mac, Sonfield, etc. These bloodlines are primarily drawn from the stockhorse breeding programs of Sellman, Roland Hill, and
Randolph Hearst. This program also results in pedigrees, that in nine or ten generations,go back to the " Golden Cross " - Bennington x Artemisia, ten to sixteen times -mostly through Mansfield and Querido.......What are referred to today as Western Working Morgans. 

This combination has consistently produced great atheletes - powerful, quick, very smart with a pleasure action. They are pretty, short-backed, good heart girth, sloping shoulders and hips and all generally fit into a 14.3 to 15 hand package. A few have been 15.2 and one or two have been smaller. 

Training is based upon 'soft hands' , lateral control, leg cues and showing -then asking- the horse to learn. Demands are not made until the horse has a good idea of what is being required. This results in a horse that is happy to work and in most cases they do not seem to realize that they are in fact working- they are just out there having fun. They are also very supple and extremely responsive. 

Several people who, in general, considered themselves very good riders have ridden one of ours and have decided that they were not quite as good as they thought. 

We are currently standing Primavera Regalo ( Juan Bravo x Belle Meade), Primavera Bravado( Casland Everytime x Sissy ) and  Rocking M Vaquero ( Gay Vaquero x Whippoorwill Carol). In 1998 we will introduce Treasure Paladin (Primavera Regalo x Treasure Incantation ). 

Some of the daughters of this breeding program trained as, or currently competing as reining or cutting horses are: 

                               Treasure Sprite
                                                        Treasure Golddust
                               Treasure Coco
                                                        Treasure Merrigold
                               Treasure Charmer
                                                        Treasure Mariah

Visit our home page ( for more  information about western morgans in general, our morgans in particular or just to look at beautiful horses! 

If you are ever in the area, stop by . Visitors are always welcome! 

Roy L & Patsy Foote 

Roy Foote
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