Western Morgan Horse Breeders Association

The mission of the WMHBA is to promote the Morgan horse as an all purpose western horse.

The association was formed to help breeders of western Morgans educate the public about the potential of the Morgan in the western disciplines.

If you are interested in good, solid horses with a lot of common sense and athletic ability, then you should purchase a Western Bred Morgan!
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The Western Morgan Horse Breeders Association is an organization comprised of breeders dedicated to preserving the old ranching bloodlines.  Some of these bloodlines are gone for good.  Those that are left are rare and only pockets of them still remain.  The following is the 'original' definition of WWF Morgans:
Purpose.................specific use and conditions.
geographical..........where were they breed.
timeline...................before 1960
bloodlines..............specific to those chosen over and over again for cow savvy, stamina, athleticism and ability to do all phases of specific ranch related stockwork. (Morgans ranch bred and proven)
The nucleous of all Farms listed are 100% Western bloodlines however, some of us have several breeding programs going and also have mixed bloodlines.  It is up to each Farm to be forecoming to potential buyers about seeking 'western' bloodlines only.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us!
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